Friday, January 6, 2012


This is not a story about a adopted dogs success, this is not a story of a poor neglected dog, it is not a story about bad beginnings. No, not at all. This is a story about my own success, my own achievements, my own happiness. Why then post here? Why write at all? Well the answer is a short one.....RUMOR.

We use the terminology "I adopted" a dog, well in this case only in a literal sense, Rumor really adopted me. I already had an almost two year old Aussie, one when I got her thought I am NEVER getting a puppy again! She was crazy, hyper, eater of everything loved (glasses, phones,books...). BUT around one and half the itch hit and I really thought Syd was not meant to be an "only" dog, she needed a buddy. With Syd I started many new things I had only heard about, we did obedience and agility and walks at the dog park. So with a new dog I wanted to do all of these things with us. I knew I wanted to "rescue" a dog, I wanted to rescue a dog when I got Syd but unfortunately was turned down (by another organization) because I didn't have a fenced in yard. My mother actually was the one who had heard about ARPH and put me onto them. I filled out an application and waited. I was SURE I wanted a male dog around one-didn't I? Well after a bit of a wait I was sent a picture of a dog..see below. REALLY- this dog needs a home? This dog needs me? well I guess I could meet her.

The rest as they say is history, I made arrangements to go and meet the foster family and the puppy. I fell in love from the first second this little red/brown lump tripped into my lap. Not only did I fall in love with her, I fell I love with her foster family and very please to say I consider them some of my closest friends and we continued our rescue adventure together.

More about Rumor; well Syd fell in love too, she adopted her as her own and (hind sight) loves her a little to much. The puppy started agility at 16 weeks and gave me an opportunity to really LEARN about dogs and the way they learn and all new ways that help a dog develop. Rumor at the beginning was a quick learner but really not all that enthusiastic. I am not sure exactly when that changed, but it did! Oh My! she is enthusiastic now! She loves agility, she is fast, she is crazy, a wild scream that there is no doubt who has just entered the ring, assuming that she can sit at the start line (work in progress) she quivers with excitement. She has offered me something that no other dog could have, although sometimes I get frustrated, she is destined to be one amazing agility dog. One that has taken me on a learning journey; present problem-search for solution-execute-and start all over again. Because of Rumors drive to work she has given us the opportunity to go to amazing clinics and workshops, we are are searching for the next thing to learn. We learned to DockDive together, we have learned to Skijor together, we have learned tricks together, we have learned patience (well I have-sort of) together. Our next adventure is a Disc seminar in February. So at two years old (heading towards her third birthday) Rumor has ADC (Agility Dog of Canada), SGDC (Starters Game Dog of Canada), and a novice DockDog title.

You would think this is a hard dog to live with? Nope, she is what has been coined an Anti-Aussie in the house, she just finds a place to curl up and goes to sleep, she cuddles and her nub wags in excitement to meet you. Very easy dog to live with (good thing as her sister is still crazy, hyper, eater of everything loved). She is not without her problems, she requires care around new dogs and easily aroused in what she thinks is exciting places, this isn't because she is a rescue this is because she is who she is. And although a challenge has afforded me an opportunity to learn.

At the beginning I started off in saying this is about my success, and reading you must wonder what I was talking about? Through the adoption of Rumor I have been given a connection to rescue and a very short time after her adoption I began fostering for ARPH. I have met through the rescue amazing people, people that I can only attempt to model myself by. People that are trainers, that are rescuers, people that are incredibly dedicated to the care and wellness of animals. I have been given the opportunity to truly become involved, I have made connections with people through our animals. I have learned and am still learning, these animals no matter what their beginnings are some of the best teachers there are. The animals have taught me patience, gentleness and sometimes forgiveness. If this small soul can give humanity another chance, can I not learn to forgive people as well?

I have learned that rescue is a amazing community of people that from all walks of life can be united under one cause. Everyone no matter how small, or big the contribution lends to the community and creates an environment on inclusion. This is my success, I have contributed, I feel that I am part of something bigger then myself, and I have the opportunity to meet people that I never would have before. For this I am Thankful that Rumor came into my life. I truly am the lucky one and she has rescued me.

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  1. This is so touching and has brought tears to my eyes. You have such a gentle soul. Thank the Good Lord that there are people like you who have the courage and the kindness of heart to care so deeply and give so much of yourself to the welfare of these animals. They too are truly blessed to have you looking out for them.. so the blessing becomes tenfold.