Thursday, March 15, 2012


We rescue Jenny 5 years ago now and she is doing very well. We have 100 acres in Canada that she gets to run on with our other dog Sadie a Golden Retriever. Jenny also enjoys winter time in Florida. She likes to lay by the pool and chase squirrells. We spend a couple of months in Florida, and she has adapted to it very well.
  Jenny was also selected last year to be on the Aussie calendar for 2012. She also made the booklet of a musical CD Livin' the Life, that was released in Canada, USA, Caribbean and Europe. She is having a great year and is happy and healthy.
Brian and Annie

Sunday, March 11, 2012



Just realized I haven't given much of an update since I've adopted Toby. Its been about 3 months now and I am incredibly happy with my LBD (Little Brown Doggy, a name given by his foster parents John and Gisele:)) I'm a dog walker so Toby is out with me for up to 8 hours sometimes and he has no problem at all keeping up lol. In fact he's amazing at tiring out my client dogs. He's very social but a bit rough at play time, something we're working on, he's getting better every day. 
He has more energy then any dog I walk but I'm finding ways of burning him out. We recently started roller blading, Toby looks his happiest when he's running. The next big thing we are going to give a try is Dock Diving, theres no doubt in my mind he will be amazing at it. Toby is incredibly smart, he learns at a very fast pace and is always looking to please me. Thank you so much ARPH! I couldn't have found a better friend if I tried :) ~Donovan and Toby~

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Maddie our Austrailian cattle dog lost her best friend Rigel (Aussie/border collie cross) in the fall of 2010.  She was heartbroken after 8 years of Rigel being her best friend.  We swore we would not rush into anything and then I came across the ARPH in Ontario.  I fell in love with Newton instantly.  I only hoped that Maddie would feel the same way.  We drove 3 1/2 hours to meet Newton and Maddie instantly feel in love as well.  They are inseparable and love to play cattle dog games.  Maddie has even taught Newt to herd the local cows. 

Cindy and Rick