Wednesday, January 11, 2012


This is Maggie with my son Ben. We adopted Maggie back in November 2010 when she was 4 1/2 months old.

She's very smart and listens most of the time (I do need to spend more quality time training her). She and Ben get into all kinds of trouble together, but it's mostly Ben's fault. ;)

She drives our 16 year old cat a bit crazy at times. The cat is not so much into playing with her and Maggie thinks she is the boss of him, but really, I think the cat is the boss of her. heehee

She doesn't like it when people move around really fast and do 'dangerous' things, so sledding this time of year is a bit of a gong show if she's outside. She 'watches' from the window instead, barking her head off. The trainer said the only thing we can really do is offer her something better.... But really...... what could possibly be better to her than her boy racing down the hill in the front yard on a piece of plastic, screaming his head off at speeds that boys shouldn't be going (according to her)?? It's dangerous, don't you know. She has to protect him from such things.

At the bus stop, she doesn't like it when the kids get too rowdy and is a good excuse to get them to settle down. ;) She sometimes knocks the little ones over when she wags, not just her tail, but her entire back end because she's so excited to see them.

Her favourite things are tummy rubs, playing 'Find Ben' inside and outside (she's really good at tracking him down which we figure will come in handy should he ever get lost while we're camping) and running around the yard. She loves when she runs into some of her doggie friends from the neighborhood, regardless of whether they are her same size or just the size of her head. She loves fetching and running with sticks in the winter and balls in the summer. She's also a very good soccer goalie.

And that is Maggie. :)

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