Saturday, December 10, 2011


Tomorrow is Chloe's birthday, and we thought you might appreciate an update.  Well, we decided that December 1st is Chloe's birthday.  She came to us approximately 7 years ago and we thought she was about one year old then, so it's hard to believe, but she's about to be 8!  Comet, her Aussie brother, is 10 1/2! 

They are still both fit as a fiddle and doing great.  They love their long walks in the forest here in Haliburton, and swimming in our lake.  Chloe's really more of a wader than a swimmer, but she really enjoys it nonetheless.  Her absolute favourite thing is a boat ride on the lake, and we have to spell the words "boat ride" or else she expects one.  Pronto.  

Thanks again to both of you for bringing us together with Chloe.  We're lucky to have her!  Thought you might like to see a few recent photos..... the snowy ones are from today.  It's a winter wonderland here now! 

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