Wednesday, July 13, 2011


We are a foster family for ARPH, and have seen a number of dogs come and 
go. However, in October of 2009, we had a real little cutie come our 
way, and we could not stand to see him go.
A lovely young lady, who had herself already adopted a dog through us, 
came across an add announcing that there was a dog an owner wanted to 
get rid of. Something about the add made her a little uneasy, so, even 
though she was not looking to adopt another dog, she decided to go see 
for herself. There she found sweet little Gibson, crammed into a cat 
crate that wasn't even big enough for him to stand up in, muzzled 
tightly and the crate had been left in a dark room with a blanket on it 
- probably to muffle out his cries. His left eye was completely 
bloodshot - which my vet said was due to someone repeatedly banging him 
on the head - and he was starving. We brought him in my home, and 
watched as he furiously ate his dinner - earning him the nickname 
"Gobbling Gibson." Luckily, we saved him on time. Gibson was still very 
loving and trusting of people and had a naturally gentle disposition. 
Due to malnutrition, he had close to 0% bone density, so we put him on a 
high calcium diet with raw dog food to give him the extra nutrition he 
so desperately needed. Now it is 6 months later, and he has grown to be 
such a loyal dog, following me every where I go. He loves going out for 
walks and socializing with everyone at the dog parks.

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