Wednesday, July 13, 2011



It's hard to believe that Clooney has only been with us one week. He has adjusted so nicely has already made our family so happy. He is sweet and affectionate, well-mannered, and handsome too! He gets compliments on his behavior and good looks from everyone who meets him.

We all have our routines with him and he seems to be happy and "at home". He is a great companion to me around the house and I so enjoy our daily long walks through the woods. The girls love playing with him and we laugh our heads off at his entertaining ways. He is very smart and picks things up so quickly, be it training or  game playing. Dave is a frisbee player and came in the house yesterday all excited:"He caught his first frisbee!!". It was like your child rode their first bicycle; so cute.

I get great pleasure at seeing my family so happy and he is a most welcome addition to our family. We will always be grateful to you at ARPH for bringing us all together.

Carolyn Kilgus and family

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