Sunday, March 11, 2012



Just realized I haven't given much of an update since I've adopted Toby. Its been about 3 months now and I am incredibly happy with my LBD (Little Brown Doggy, a name given by his foster parents John and Gisele:)) I'm a dog walker so Toby is out with me for up to 8 hours sometimes and he has no problem at all keeping up lol. In fact he's amazing at tiring out my client dogs. He's very social but a bit rough at play time, something we're working on, he's getting better every day. 
He has more energy then any dog I walk but I'm finding ways of burning him out. We recently started roller blading, Toby looks his happiest when he's running. The next big thing we are going to give a try is Dock Diving, theres no doubt in my mind he will be amazing at it. Toby is incredibly smart, he learns at a very fast pace and is always looking to please me. Thank you so much ARPH! I couldn't have found a better friend if I tried :) ~Donovan and Toby~

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