Sunday, August 7, 2011

Charlie ~ARPH 11036~

Charlie started his ARPH journey on May 20th 2010 he was a very scared and not a trusting aussie he laid down up against the wall growling and watching every move I made I couldn’t within 10ft of him without his hackles coming up and I had to toss treats to him. It took about an hour of this before he would even allow me to stand beside him and walk around outside, you could see he just wanted to bolt and there was no trust, but there was something in his eyes. My first report on him was not the greatest and from what everyone said he wasn’t a good candate for ARPH, but I kept thinking about what I seen in his eyes and I just had to go back and see him. The second visit went much better, it was like wait a minute this human came back to see me and his personality came flying out.

When he came home to foster he attached himself to Razor and the two became close friends they went out together they played together herding each other Charlie herded more than Razor but they did everything together.

Charlie showed his loyalty, intelligence, trainability and enthusiasm for everything he did. He laid beside me in my lap each night watching TV and playing with the kids. Charlie showed his resilience the first day and each day after the first visit all it took was showing him love and compation and each day he came more and more out of his untrusting shell. Charlie showed respect to my Aussie’s and didn’t try to dominate them he knew who was who in the pack.

It didn’t take long before his forever home came calling, he showed off playing with everyone. Charlie now loves herding the horses each morning and keeps them together. Charlie now is a complete gentleman and showing off for people at home, petting, cuddling and laying in his forever homes lap watching TV.
Charlie has done a complete 180 and has come from an Aussie who didn’t want anything to do with you to showing what a true loving Aussie he has become. 

By Ed Eldridge (Foster Home) and Louise Michener (Forever Home)

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